Recently Divorced and Need To Sell House?

Need to sell the family home? Need to sell it fast to settle the divorce decree? We can help.  We deal with these difficult situations daily and can help you solve your problem with having to sell your house fast due to divorce.  Often the judge will rule that you sell the house and split the proceeds.  We can help ease the strain that this situation adds to a divorce.

We Can Help Quickly Resolve This Issue!

About 50% of marriages end in divorce unfortunately in San Antonio.  Most if not all people did not anticipate this happening to their marriages.  This is such a common occurrence in most families and we try to help reduce the stress by stepping in and helping with selling the house fast to make sure this is quickly put behind you and as smooth and no hassles as possible.   We have years of experience dealing with this and can help guide you through this part of the divorce settlement quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Problems That Arise From Divorce and Real Estate

Often times when dealing with divorce and the complete ugly side of that fence we have found that it is usually to the best interests of both parties to sell the house fast and get on with other important issues in their lives.     If a couple that recently divorced is trying to make payments on the house it can adversely affect the other ones credit and most of all debt that is owed on the house that can even keep you from getting a mortgage on another home should you need to get a different house due to the divorce.  In most cases couples elect to sell the house even though no road is a easy road when it comes to divorce and selling a house.  We can help  ease that with quickly buying and closing on your house to let you both go on without the ex-spouse controlling your credit and debt because of you both being liable for payments, insurance, upkeep and other expenses.

How Divorce Can Adversely Affect Your Real Estate

There are so many countless issues that can arise out of the common complications of divorce.   The issues range from credit, debt ratio, payments, getting behind on payments.  Even issues of like how much equity is in the property, how much down payment was made on the house and other important issues.

Often divorce courts will have various ways they settle out the divorce.  In some cases the judge awards everyone takes what was theirs when the marriage began and keep it and split everything that was purchased after the marriage commonly known as “marital property” and other times they may say that all the property is mutually owned by the husband and the wife or whatever arrangement you may have in your marriage.  Often one party will just throw their hands in the air and say you can have it all and that is often not the best thing to do.   We help people in those situations get their fair share of the house.   So if you are experiencing problems from the ex and perhaps they are living in the house and you don’t want the problems? Maybe you are just tired of dealing with the ex spouse and want to wash your hands of it all? We can help, we will side with you and help you get what is yours.  We can buy the house and this will ensure that you get what is yours in the house equity and sale.  What if taxes or mortgage payments or liens are owed on the house? We help you deal with this whole mess of selling your house in San Antonio.  We can buy your house and pay all cash and close fast helping you eliminate being screwed over by your ex spouse.

We Have Extensive Experience Dealing With Divorce

We have been in the real estate investing business for many years and are experienced in buying houses in San Antonio.

We buy houses in San Antonio TX and we pay all cash and close fast.

If you need to sell your house fast and need to sell fast call us today and we will make you a fair offer on your San Antonio Home.

SERVICES: We Buy Houses for many reasons. Some include:

  • Divorce
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  • Foreclosure
  • Any Reason – We will buy your home no matter what the situation is in most cases.

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We buy houses in San Antonio Texas.  We pay all cash for houses and we can close quickly.


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